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General information of sale.
Procedure for the conclusion of the contract.
The present general conditions of sale regulate the relations between the proposer COLLECTABLE
STATION S.R.L. (P.IVA 16507111009), having registered office in Via Nicola Coviello n. 20 in Rome
(RM) and the buyer in relation to the purchase of products made remotely through the use of the
telematic network, which took place through the website www.shop.collectablestation.com .
The purchases made through the website of the proposer are regulated, as far as not expressly
provided for by these conditions, by the provisions of the Civil Code, by D.Lgs. 185/99
("Implementation of Directive 97/7/EC on the protection of consumers in the field of distance
contracts") and by D. Lgs. 206/05 (c.d. Consumer Code), as well as the rules on the protection of
privacy as reported and regulated by the privacy policy on the dedicated page on the website of the
Collectable Station. The chosen form is that of the exchange of proposal and acceptance pursuant to
art. 1326 of the Civil Code: the contract of sale stipulated between the purchaser and the proposer
Collectable Station is to be understood to all intents and purposes concluded when the proposer has
been informed of the acceptance of the other party. The receipt by Collectable Station of the order
confirmation, meaning the acceptance of the unit price of the products purchased, as well as the
shipping costs, the characteristics and quality of what has been purchased and the provisions
contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use by the purchaser, and transmitted by them by
electronic transmission or other suitable means to Collectable Station itself, determines the
conclusion of the contract. For the purposes of the valid conclusion of legal acts, it is essential
minimum requirement to be in possession at the time of the acquisition of the ability to act, with
this meaning the acquired one pursuant to art. 2 of the Civil Code from the age of eighteen, unless a
legal declaration of total or partial incapacity.
Terms of Sale.
With the conclusion of the contract, Collectable Station undertakes to provide the customer with the
products purchased, under the terms and conditions provided here, without prejudice to the right of
Collectable Station not to process orders placed by entities that have not given sufficient guarantees
of solvency. Collectable Station also undertakes to promptly notify the Customer, by e-mail or other
appropriate means, of the details of the order thus concluded, with assignment of an identification
code to be used in any further communication with Collectable Station.
In turn, the purchaser, by sending the order confirmation, accepts without additional terms or
conditions the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use, which it undertakes to
observe. From the moment of adding the product to the virtual cart, the buyer has 3 days to finalize
the purchase by paying the relative price, otherwise the product will be automatically removed from
the virtual cart.
Information on products, availability and prices.
It is the responsibility of the Collectable Station to ensure that the information published on the
essential characteristics and qualities of the products marketed are true. If the delivered goods differ
from the one represented on its website only in reference to the colors for reasons related to the
quality of the image will not be liable under warranty, resulting from such discrepancies solely from
the methods of digital transposition of the image and the qualities of the apparatus on which they
are displayed.
Should the purchased product prove to be out of stock, it will be the responsibility of the Collectable
Station to promptly notify the buyer by e-mail or by other appropriate means. The customer will be
given the opportunity to obtain the issuance of a voucher of value corresponding to the amount paid
for the purchase of the goods no longer available, to wait for a new arrival of the goods at
Collectable Station (if possible) or to obtain full reimbursement of the amount paid.
The prices shown on the Collectable Station website are always inclusive of VAT and any other tax.
For the purposes of calculating the final amount of sales, this price does not include any costs of
shipping and handling deliveries and payments, such as - by way of example and not exhaustive - the
method of payment on delivery. These additional costs are counted at the time of the order
Collectable Station reserves the right to vary without notice the prices of the products and the
contribution of shipping costs. The amounts thus varied are to be considered effective from the
moment of publication on the e-commerce site and will be applied to the sales made after that
event. If the price indicated on the order page is incorrect and/or manifestly derisory given the
nature of the product and the market prices, in accordance with the applicable laws on contract,
Collectable Station reserves the right to cancel the order, even in the case of initial validation, for
lack of the necessary willingness to negotiate.
Method of payment and delivery.
The payment of the price of the Products and any related shipping and/or cash on delivery must be
made by the customer through one of the methods provided at the time of conclusion of the
Contract. These modalities are as follows:
• Credit card;
• Bank transfer, with transfer of the total amount of the order (including any shipping costs) to
the Bank Details provided at the time of finalization of the order, no later than 7 days free from the
time of such communication, and always indicating the reference order number;
• PayPal or Scalapay, with automatic forwarding to the related services, without Collectable
Station or third parties can in any way have access to the financial information necessary to finalize
the Agreement. This information will never be reused except to issue refunds in case of returns.
Delivery times and costs are determined based on the actual availability of items in the Collectable
Station warehouse and the shipping options specifically requested. The estimates thus calculated
regarding the sending and delivery of the products are displayed directly on the page of the shipping
offers for the order you are about to make. Each tariff takes into account the weight and size of the
items. Collectable Station doesn’t assume responsibility for any disruptions or delays due to the
policies and operational management methods adopted by the couriers in charge of transporting the
packages entrusted. Collectable Station does not guarantee reimbursement for shipments not
insured by the buyer and therefore if the same wants to insure its shipment is required to contact
Collectable Station to notify it, as well as to cover the cost of the ancillary service so requested.
Collectable Station is not directly responsible for the transport, entrusted to third parties. For this
reason, it is the responsibility of the customer to verify the integrity and completeness of the
package delivered. The Customer is reminded that any acceptance made without reservation frees
the Courier from any responsibility for the correct handling of the goods delivered.
It is the purchaser’s responsibility to promptly inform - within 7 days from receipt of the product -
Collectable Station if the goods sent is damaged or defective. In this regard, in order to allow the
proposer to provide the right legal guarantee, it is necessary that the purchaser requires acceptance
with reservation to the carrier if it detects anomalies in the package delivered. Otherwise,
Collectable Station is released from any warranty obligation for any damaged product during
transport. In case of minor damages, such as - by way of example and not exhaustive - dents,
scratches, slight scratches such as not to significantly compromise the usability or value of the
product, Collectable Station is not required to offer guarantees of any kind.
If the damages - however not attributable to the carrier - are instead likely to compromise the
intended use of the product, Collectable Station undertakes to replace the product - where possible
- or to proceed to the price reduction after proposal and acceptance.
Collectable Station does not offer any kind of warranty against products for any reason sold free of
charge and for products sold as damaged.
Right of withdrawal
With regard to the right of withdrawal, reference is made to the rules in force, as prescribed - among
others - by D.Lgs. 206/05 c.d. "Consumer Code". This right may be asserted, following completion of
the purchase procedure, only within 14 free days from the day of receipt of the goods by the
purchaser, and this by communication to Collectable Station by means of suitable means, such as:
• The "Contacts" form on the Collectable Station website;
• By sending an ordinary e-mail to info@collectablestation.com or by pec to
• By Registered Letter with Acknowledgement of Receipt to the following address: Via Leonardo
Fibonacci n. 75 00166 Roma.
In order to be valid for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, this communication must include:
• number and date indicated on the invoice and number and date of the order;
• the bank details on which to obtain the refund transfer (IBAN code), or any information necessary
to finalize the refund with another agreed payment method that does not involve additional charges
for the Collectable Station;
• in case of partial withdrawal, description and quantity of the products you intend to return;
• only if the account holder is different from the invoice holder, appropriate indication to this effect
by delegation of the beneficial owner;
Following the communication and acceptance of the return, it is the responsibility of the buyer to
send the goods to Collectable Station (in whole or in part, to the extent agreed) no later than 10
days after acceptance by means of traceable shipment, at the following address: Via Leonardo
Fibonacci n. 75 00166 Roma. In any case, the correct exercise by the buyer of the right of withdrawal
is subject to the following conditions:
1) The law applies only to individual products in their entirety. It is not possible to exercise
withdrawal only on part of the single purchased product. Likewise no warranty is due for products
sold as damaged (second choice cd).
2) The purchased goods must be returned intact, unaltered and in the original packaging, complete
in all its parts, with this including, but not limited to: packaging, documentation and accessories, any
other items included and not directly related to the product. In order to limit damage to the original
packaging, it is the responsibility of the buyer to provide it with adequate protection. In this sense,
they must, among other things, avoid altering the original packaging of the product in any way: any
change that has occurred is to be considered as an obstacle to the exercise of the right of
3) The shipping costs relating to the return will be borne exclusively by the buyer;
4) The shipment of the returned product must be suitable to guarantee the return of the product in
the same state in which it was sent to the purchaser. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure
that the product is sent intact and unaltered to the address of Collectable Station, in the same
conditions established at the time of the verification of the requirements for the return. Any
discrepancy detected at the time of delivery of the returned goods, such as to affect to any extent
the value, intended use, nature or qualities, is the responsibility of the purchaser, who will be
required to compensate for the damage caused by law.
The reimbursement of any amount already paid and relating to the products for which the right of
withdrawal is implemented (net of additional shipping costs and/or any other service not directly
related to the product for which the return is made) will be carried out in the manner chosen and
free of charge, within 30 days of receipt of the goods by the Collectable Station. In case of damage to
the good to be returned occurred during the return transport, Collectable Station will notify the
buyer of the event within 7 working days of delivery of the good to the address indicated above for
return, so as to enable the purchaser to protect himself against the carrier. The user acknowledges
that any service or offer on the site and accessible through registration of personal or commercial
account, as well as the possibility of obtaining and/or maintaining a personal or commercial account,
do not constitute an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Civil Code, and ex art. 187 R.D.
635/1940. The user by registering the account and the subsequent login, declares to approve
without reservation these Terms and Conditions of Use, and to waive the safeguards provided by the
aforementioned legislation.
Place of jurisdiction.
With reference to the forum for the resolution of disputes of a civil nature, as deriving from the
conclusion of this contract of distance sale, in accordance with the provisions of art.63 of Legislative
Decree no. 206/05 cd "Consumer Code"the court of the consumer’s place of residence or domicile
shall have unlimited jurisdiction.
For all other disputes not attributable to the court of the consumer, the court of Rome is competent.